About The Blog

September 07, 2014

For Tha Masses is a lifestyle blog focused on the process of creative living in an intentional way.

Hi there! My name is Nkem and I’m a multi-passionate curious creative living in Tennessee. I started this blog as a personal challenge, to hone my creative voice and explore creative interests. The goal: learn what it takes to make a living through creative pursuits, my educational background, and most importantly, things I make with my own two hands.

Prior to starting this blog, identifying as a creative was difficult for me. I didn’t trust my vision or abilities as a designer and fell into the trap of comparing myself to others. I had to figure out how to move forward while tackling my fears surrounding "creative living." As this process began, I grew tired of seeing blogs that were overly polished and portrayed the creative lifestyle as easy and effortless. It was also difficult finding spaces dedicated to creative exploration created by black women or women of color who shared my values. The only solution was to create a blog of my own and document creative living in a manner that resonated with me.

Since starting the blog, I’ve learned a great deal about myself and the world we live in, so naturally, my curiosity has evolved. I’ve acquired new skills and embraced being a student of life while sharing everything I’ve learned along the way. Over time, For Tha Masses has grown into a space where creativity meets intentional living and a hub for open and honest dialogue surrounding personal development, food, ethical fashion, simple living, and the creative journey as a striving lettering artist. I’ve used this space as a form of self-expression, to heal, to grow, and to share all aspects of a creative lifestyle.

I have a background in Web/Graphic Design and many years of customer service experience both in retail and the corporate world. I am learning to communicate my ideas through visual and creative storytelling and want you to grow in your creative life alongside me. My dream is to open my own design studio and create a self-sustaining business comprised of the work brought to life on this blog. I’m also interested in partnering with other curious creatives and small businesses owners in order to elevate our voice.

This blog truly is a space for creative exploration from my heart to yours and I’m happy you’ve joined me on this ride. Thank you for stopping by and don’t be a stranger. Leave a comment on the blog or get in touch with me via email at helloforthamasses@gmail.com.

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