Cleaning Out My Closet.

July 08, 2015

Hello Masses,

So as I posted a couple of days ago, I was starting a new project to symbolize this new beginning for me with trying to grow and spread the word about my blog. And as I explained, I wanted this to represent letting go of the past and starting fresh. So since this is a blog which also focuses on fashion, it only seemed appropriate to let go of old clothes that I've been holding on to for no reason.

Before I get into some details these are some before pictures


As you can clearly see my closet was in very bad shape so it was time to get things in order. First i decided to get all my winter stuff put away. Sweater, scarves, jackets etc. It's summer time and definitely won't be needing these for a while. I decide the best way to store them was to neatly fold and organize them into these clear plastic bins that I have. These are perfect because you can see the articles or clothing inside prior to opening them. They are also great cause they provide air flow around your clothes  Now if you don't have the space in your closet to incorporate these I suggest storing any bulky sweater in space saver bags or just hanging them up in your closet to give you extra folding space. The only limitation in using space saver bags is there is no air flow surrounding your clothes. If you do chose to hang your sweater, be mindful of the type of hanging being used. I recommend for knitted, or cowl neck sweaters to use hangers with grips on the ends to prevent your clothing from getting snagged or slipping off the hangers.


Next it was time to tackle down the pile of jeans that I own. This was the tricky part. I have a certain attachment to my jeans and I also tend to fluctuate in weight as well lol, so I hold on to jeans that don't fit in case my weight goes up or down I will always have a really nice pair of jeans to wear. I really hope i'm not the only woman who does this. So I think it's time to let go of the bigger jeans that I own and just keep my diet under control. After dissecting the pile of jeans I own, in total I ended up giving away 11 pairs of jeans! I gave away so many pairs of jeans that I created a whole new level of storing space for my clothes. So these are the pairs that I chose to keep. 

That retail experience pays of when it comes to folding clothes at home. 
Folded Jeans

In the end it took me about a week to completely finish organizing things but after so much work, I feel that I've gotten to a comfortable level of clothes left behind. When you really do think about it, there are a lot of benefits that comes with reorganizing your closet. Not only does cleaning out your closet help you shed some excess clothes, it also has the potential to benefit someone else who may be in need. It helps prevent excess shopping, believe it or not shopping can be an addiction. and last but of course not least you also get a chance to reevaluate some of the clothes hidden in there and make good use of some old clothes. So in the end this is the finished product. I know have space for new additions and have put some hidden clothes in my drawers in plane sight and my favorite part of it all I have some extra hangers now!!!!
after clean closet

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