Fringe Tee Fashion

July 16, 2015

Hey Masses! 
So last week I posted a tutorial on a DIY Muscle Fringe Tee and I decided to show some options on how you can dress this new addition to my closet. 

First look is a casual look. I would probably wear this to a festival. Since the top is so lose and comfortable is seems only appropriate for that. I also have on a pair of studded boots to add extra to the "punk" look. 

Next I incorporated a leather jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans. This would be a great look for a chill night out with the friends, movies, or a stylish day for errands. 

Lastly I wanted to show a possible date night look. I paired the top with a cute high waist circle skirt. Great way to feel dressy but not too dressy. I would wear this out on a date night with the man. 

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