Happy Birthday To Me!

March 23, 2016

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday so Happy Birthday to me!!! I had such an amazing day, relaxing at home and reflecting on the years I’ve sent on this earth. Tuning 28 has been such a big deal to me. The fact that it’s been about 3 years since I’ve finished school, and hitting that point in life where I ask myself what’s next? For the past year or so getting older has been something that I’ve not been looking forward to at all. I was always that girl who planned the heck out of their future, from the age I would get married to how many kids I would have in life and by what age. I had it all figured out! Or so I thought. But when reality strikes, and you’re faced with the truth of everyday life, thing aren’t that easy to attain these day. Getting that dream job seems far from reach due to “lack of experience”, your temporary get on your feet job has somehow become a permanent job. One year turns to 4 years, and you look back and ask yourself where has all the time gone? I suppose when I truly think of things, all my struggles in life up until this point has molded me to the strong person I can proudly say I am today. Nothing in life has come easy. I almost feels like the struggles I’ve had to endure are what has made me appreciate getting older and the life I’ve lived. I don’t ever want to be one of those people ashamed to tell you how old they are. Every day on earth should always be a celebration so why not be grateful that God has added another year to life. I count my blessing every day when I wake up and grateful I’ve been given another day to pursue my dreams. Thank you to all my friends and family who have wished me a very happy birthday today and for all the encouraging words and prayers. The common theme for all the prayers I received today was that God will give me a gift that no man can ever grant and I have put my faith into those words and know that will soon become a reality for me. Greater things are yet to come and I’m believer of that. HAPPY BIRHDAY TO ME AGAIN!!!!!! Till next time XOXO

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