Thank You 2016!

December 31, 2016

Hi everyone and welcome back! Can you believe 2016 is gonna to be over in a matter of hours!! This truly has been a remarkable year for me as well and the start of a lifelong journey. It's the year I decided that my life needed to take a turn from the direction It was currently heading. A path of unhappiness, self-loathing, and berating myself over unfulfilled goals. After reading through my journal that I'd kept since 2014, it was evident that for 2 years all I did was complain about not being ahead in life and put very little actions in changing things. At the start of this year, I deemed 2016 as the Year of Planning Ahead. The start of getting my life back on track and taking ownership of my downfalls. The plan was to get out of debt, get back into a fitness routine, be more mindful of the foods I eat as well as getting back in touch with myself.

I can happily say that most of my goals were accomplished! I successfully paid off my credit card debt, completed a vegan challenge, finished the Insanity workout plan and have now adopted yoga as a new workout routine thanks to Yoga with Adriene, and lastly rediscovered a love for my artwork in finishing 100 days of hand lettering. None of these accomplishments would have been possible if I didn't take responsibility for my actions and keep myself accountable. It took showing up for myself every single day, confronting my inner fears, and understanding that I am capable of accomplishing anything with daily practice, focus, dedication and a will to succeed! It took a lot of trial and error to get to this point. I had moments where I felt as though my efforts were useless but had to remind myself that negative thoughts are simply wasted energy that sets us back versus moving forward.

Setting small attainable goals gave me the momentum to push forward. Every time I checked something off my to-do list, it gave me a much-needed boost in confidence to stay on track with the next goal.

As the new year approaches, I feel better than I've felt in years. I now have a sense of purpose and embarking on a 365 hand lettering challenge (Yes I know that sounds crazy but I know I can do his). I also plan on diving deeper into my yoga and meditation practice by starting the year taking part in Adriene's 31 days of yoga titled Revolution. I have more goals set for the new year but will get into more details on the next post. I'm overall grateful for the impact 2016 had on my life and looking forward to keep the momentum going into the new year and beyond!

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